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Hours: Mon. – Fri. 5am – 9pm;

Sat. 7am – 7pm;

Sun. 8am – 6pm.

Guest Fee: $20/day; all classes included

Last Update: 4-25-2024


Class Descriptions:

Cardio Sculpt

A fun and energetic class that utilizes weights, bands and plyometrics to strengthen your muscles while integrating a cardio element to all the movements. This full body strength and cardio conditioning workout will challenge you by using interval drills that are balanced and safe and can be modified to meet all fitness levels.

Core N Strength Training:

A full body workout that utilizes dumbbells, rubber bands and body weight exercises. The workout targets all the major muscle groups of the lower and upper body as well as an emphasis on the core. The class is designed to increase strength, flexibility and endurance.


Pilates-based workout that combines weights and stretching exercises to improve strength and flexibility. Emphasis is on proper posture and balance.

Restorative Yoga:

Unwind, Recover and Relax! This style of yoga is majority floor based stretching with long holds to help lengthen your muscles and open up the tight spaces in your entire body. Great for those who lift weights, run or sit at a desk all day long. This practice will also help to reduce injuries, quiet your mind and improves sleep.

Spin & Sculpt

Combine your cardiovascular and muscular endurance workout in this fun and engaging class. Students will spin for 60 minutes as they tackle intervals of light weights, heavy climbs, and energetic sprints. Students hop off the bike for the final 15 minutes of class for free weights, squats, abdominal exercises, and a well-earned stretch.  The class is open to all fitness levels.

Vinyasa Yoga:

Vinyasa translated means breathe to movement! This class is perfect for all levels: newer students have the chance to hold  poses and learn alignment and form while more advanced students can focus on deepening their breath and clearing their mind. Class begins with a heating warmup which will progress into fluid movement to help you engage your muscles, build strength and confidence.


This class combines vinyasa flow yoga to build heat in the body along with an eclectic blend of hatha yoga styles to increase strength, balance, and flexibility, reach greater levels of calm in the nervous system and foster an improved sense of well-being.

Yoga Sculpt: 

Fun mix of yoga and weight lifting! Class begins with a heat building yoga flow to warm up your muscles and get your heart rate up; then pick up your weights and we’ll turn up the music! A mix of HIIT workouts, cardio bursts, and dumbbell exercises that ends with some juicy stretching.

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